We are real Alaskans, Republicans, Democrats and Independants from all walks of life and every corner of Alaska working together to repeal the oil tax giveaway which threatens our state. The effects of this misguided tax break are already being felt with a $2 Billion deficit in it's first year. By repealing the giveaway we want a responsible and equitable tax structure that is fair for the Oil Companies and for our State.

The Oil Companies and their supporters are spending over $8 Million to fight this effort while at the same time they are reducing production, exploration and development. The myths that they are spinning claims gloom and doom but in reality under a fair and equitable tax structure jobs were up, revenues and savings were up and their profits were astronomical.

By working together we can repeal this disasterous tax giveaway and restore Alaska's fiscal future! Join us and let's take Alaska back!

Meet more Alaskans who are Voting YES on One!



Oil tax economics: look at multipliersFairbanks Daily News Miner | Doug Reynolds July 19, 2014

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July 18, 2014

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Phone bank every Tuesday and Thursday beginning at 5:30pm. We'll meet at Campaign HQ, 545 E Northern Lights, right across from Sears Mall.

Wednesday July 23
Oil Tax Referendum (SB21 Repeal) Ballot measure language
Wilda Marston Theatre, Loussac Library 3600 Denali Street Wednesday 7-9 pm
Forum will be moderated by Gunnar Knapp, UAA-ISER. Panelists include Bill Wielechowski,
Gregg Erickson, Brad Keithley and Roger Marks.


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