Online Bingo – My Experiences

obAfter my local bingo hall closed down, I was kind of at a loss. My once popular favorite social hangout was not just a building, Boring! I had been curious about online bingo for a few reasons. One, I have a lot of friends, and they are always having fun playing online, so I felt kind of left out, but until my spot closed down, I didn’t really give it any extra thought. I also have seen online bingo advertised online, and on the TV and Radio. Well, my bingo hall was the last straw, and I had to find out if it was as much fun as in person.

My aunt was a huge bingo player, playing ritually right up until she left us. I wonder what she would have done in my situation, you know? Would she have just given up and switched to crocheting? I have to lean towards the fact that she loved bingo, because she loved the family so much, she came close to not going sometimes, just so she could stay home. I have to think that if she knew about online bingo, it would have been just her cup of tea, because then she could have both. Family and bingo! But, there was no internet when she was with us, so I guess that would be left to speculate. I was talking to a friend of mine who just graduated college, and plays bingo online, about my aunt and whether he thinks she would have found even more enjoyment from home, and he said that the reason my aunt had liked the bingo hall so much was probably because of the social aspect.


Which, is believable, I mean, who doesn’t like hanging out with friends. You throw in an occasional rush from winning a game, and DEAL! My friend said that online bingo was so much like going in person nowadays, because the social aspect is still there, and the anticipation of waiting for your number to be called is an emotion they could never defeat anyway. This made me curious, so I decided to find out for myself!

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Well, my friend was right. I tried it, and all my fear of online bingo not being the same as the bingo hall just went away. For instance, chat rooms are standard with most online bingo. Because of the natter rooms in the online bingo games, I could chat to people right there while I played. Even though you’re watching your game, you can still chat like you do online in a plain chatroom. I was so relieved to see that everyone is so friendly. They all said hello when I got in the room, and we struck up a conversation just like I had walked up to them. I always thought chat rooms were a bit shady, but the people in here were really friendly, and I never noticed, I was just being myself. I mean, they talk about the same things that they do in person. Family, work, bad bosses, overtime, recipes and stuff, and of course, online bingo.

I started frequenting the online bingo room, and I noticed that there were other that were there as much as me. After a while, I started to get to know these people, and they started being my friends. They would ask me about my dog, and my friend Amy, and I would even miss them and worry about them when they didn’t show up. I really enjoy talking to people, so I glad I tried, because I can’t crochet. 🙂

How To Win At Bingo Games – Gaming the Odds

The other day, I was talking to another friend of mine, Carrie, who is 25, and I asked her what drew her to online bingo. She said she wasn’t into the talking thing so much, because she has plenty of friends at work. Carrie went on to tell me that she was attracted to online bingo because she feels more comfortable. She doesn’t have to sit with a bunch of grannies with hair helmets, and she can wear a nightgown and eat ice cream if she wants, and no one knows, so they can’t judge her. She mentioned that another reason she likes playing online is because she can play when she wants, not just Wednesday nights, and Saturdays.

I hate to see everyone’s favorite bingo halls shutting down, but I guess online bingo will end up pretty much taking over. The sad thing is, all of the people that cherish going to the bingo hall, will probably be dragging themselves across town, all the way to the other place that does bingo, and they don’t have any idea how much fun we are having online. What’s really neat, is that there are so many benefits of playing online. I think it’s awesome to be able to log on whenever I want and hopefully see a couple of people that like talking to me and then just log off when I’ve had enough. The prizes online may not always be as great as in person, but honestly bingo is always going to be a great way to meet people, and when you’re with like-minded people, it’s not about material things anyway.